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The Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen

If you are looking for a place to get an authentic taste of Italian cuisines then the Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen is the place to go. It is considered to be the favorite of many people either for the Italian food lovers or wine taster. The place offers such fantastic atmosphere and also great environment along with the most authentic taste of various Italian foods.

italian kitchen catering menu

Italian Kitchen Catering Menu

The restaurant is under the Villa Enterprises Management which was founded by Michele Scotto in the year 1964. This Italian restaurant is among the other restaurants owned by the management which is including the Green Leaf’s, Casa Java, Banana’s, and also South Philly Steak & Fries. Each one of them has its own specialties just as the Casa java with its coffee concept.

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Italian Kitchen Catering Menu

Today the management has more than 330 franchises in about 38 operating areas around the US states and within 6 countries as well. All of the Italian foods offered by the place are guaranteed to be having original Italian taste. There are pizzas, pasta, and even lasagna. Thus if you are a food lover who is curious in tasting the original Italian taste, get yourself to the Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen immediately.

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