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The Mysterious Glam Of MarilynMonroe Bedroom

Surely you are familiar with the sexy actress, Marilyn Monroe. She may have passed away decades ago, but she is still popular today for their beauty style, voice, movie and ironically, also her tragic death. Even now, you will find her pictures on clothes, accessories and decorations. Because of those reasons, she is still commonly used for MarilynMonroe bedroom theme.

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Marilyn Bedroom

The Marilyn Monroe bedroom ideas for the bedroom walls would be to use Marilyn Monroe wall decals and walls stickers. Some of the Marilyn Monroe wall decals are the silhouette of their face. Even only a silhouette, you can clearly see that it is her features as they are so distinctive. But if you prefer some colors, then you can also find the colorful wall stickers. These stickers make great decoration because they are cheap and they are easy to remove.

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Marilyn Bedroom

As the wall decals make a great wall focal point, you may not need a lot of Marilyn Monroe decorations except for some of her pictures here and there. If your MarilynMonroe bedroom is large enough, then you may also use an armoire of her with the dramatic color of black and white to add to the theme unity. Moreover, decorative pillows of her picture can also be used.

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