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How To Sell Cutco Knives

Vector Marketing is the production company of Cutco Cutlery. Vector is a company located in Pennsylvania. Its administrative headquarters in Olean, NY This Company has more than 200 locations in North America, with annual sales of about $ 210 million. Although the positions to sell Cutco knives are aimed at students, virtually anyone can apply. You just need to be at least 17 ​​or 18 years old and a high school diploma.

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  1. Is it Cutco website (see resources) on “page How to Sell “(how to buy). If you live in Canada, click on the “Canada” link, located in the province in which you live and call the appropriate phone number. If your province is not found, call the customer service department Cutco number 1-800-361-8800.
  2. Click on the “International” link if you live outside the United States and Canada. Find your country in the list and click on the link for more information. If the country in which you live is not listed, click on the “World Headquarters.” Find contact information for each office.
  3. Sell ​​Cutco knives if you live in the US by clicking on the “Apply Now”. Fill out the application with your email address, name, phone number, and address and education level. You will also need to answer two questions about working with people and their hobbies and interests.
  4. Send your application to sell Cutco knives. If you are accepted, you will receive training in three session’s noon. Learn about the company and its products, how to deal with people, handle sales calls, write orders and sell Cutco knives. You will not receive money for training.
  5. Buy Cutco knife set at a discount to use as samples during your sales calls. The cost of retail sale of knives is $ 400.

6. Organize calls with your family, friends and neighbors to sell Cutco knives. Use your brochures, catalogs and samples to show Cutco products have. Enter purchase orders and receive payments. Then ask them to make appointments references. You will also do telemarketing.

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